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Potli Design | Zardozi 'Guldasta' Potli

Hand embroidered on rich velvet with semi precious stones. This one's in 'Vogue' Magazine too! The vivid ‘guldasta’ or flower bouquet design made in the front reflects light from the beautiful gold of the skilled craft of zardozi. Inspired from the Mughal architecture around Old Delhi. Pair it with your elegant outfit or gift something precious with it. 

The exotic Zardozi or gold wire embroidery is done on rich textures of heavy silk, satin or velvet, that perfectly complements the glow of the yellow metal. Earlier used to adorn the attires of royalty, their scabbards, wall hangings and even their animals, during war, the artisans now embellish their sewing with glistening pearls, stones or star spangles to enrich heavy coats, cushions, curtains, canopies, animal trappings, bags, purses, belts, as well as shoes and slippers.

This labour of love existed since the time of the Rigveda, between 1500 and 1200 BC and prospered during the 17th century during the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar. Loss of royal patronage and manufacture of cheap synthetic machine embroidery has led to its decline. TICP hopes to revive the dying art, seeking patronage of those who yearn to be rooted to the Indian, sustainable art forms.

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