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Wooden Box Design | In Tarkashi

Exquisitely handcrafted Wooden Tarkashi box with an immaculate slider, and the engraved patterns in golden taar, emanates the aura of the first sun rays of the dawn. From keeping the sweets to your precious belongings, this box will open up to a bunch of happiness. Our Tarkashi boxes make for perfect gift boxes and Bhajji boxes for special occasions, wedding favours and invitations.

Tarkashi Inlay is a highly skilled art form that is more than 500 years old. Traditionally, the local artisans on the Eastern shores of Odisha practice it. As the name suggests, Tarkashi is the technique where thin strips of wire are engraved on the surface of the wood. Tarkashi Inlay is believed to have come from Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. The craft was patronized by the royals of Jaipur and Amber. Sawai Jai Singh during his regime, invited Sri Sarwan Lal Misra a master craftsman from Mainpuri who started practicing and teaching this craft in Jaipur. You can write to us to customise your bulk orders. 

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