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The India Craft Project

The India Craft Project is a collective of warm and talented individuals with a shared vision of preserving cultural knowledge systems while changing the way we perceive and interact with traditional art and artisans of India.

We do this while co-creating new designs and products with traditional artisans across crafts, pan India. We co-create products, services and gifting experiences that spark creativity and inspire the scope of crafts in India, across sectors that procure with purpose.

The India Craft Project has grown to find itself interwoven in the fabric of creative rural lives that our founder, Saumya Pankaj, encountered across parts of India. She traveled to six states, different craft clusters in each state, and spent time with artisans across crafts and cultural practices - each time with a different research approach, new challenges, new stories and learnings. Our artisan partners today are who we co-create our products and services with and together we constitute the humble TICP (The India Craft Project) family.

Our Philiosophy
T.I.C.P is the acronym form for the “ The India Craft Project” and our logo has been humbly designed in a calligraphic form where the alphabets are woven to come together. Moreover, on rotating the logo 90 degrees clockwise, it morphs into an artisan with an extended hand in his sacred workshop. The three dots at the bottom, as on the chins of our Indian Tribal women, stand to keep safe and accentuate what’s already beautiful - To safeguard and promote, is our role in the Indian Craft sector. Thus, our logo tries to incorporate all qualities of craftsmanship along with the rustic and beautiful earthiness of Indian Folk arts so that we never lose touch with our roots.


We believe that the act of creation is essential in modern times to remain rooted in our traditional knowledge systems. Our artisanal products are based on the quintessential 'karigari' but imbued with a medley of new designs. We take equal pride in telling stories of people, cultures and complex processes that make these ideas come to life.


Our craft practices carry within them an amalgamation of cultural practices, values of sustainability, and the creativity to innovate. Losing these to modern manufacturing and production means losing an important aspect of our heritage, one we can barely afford to do as a nation of a billion strong people from diverse ethnicities and cultural practices. We hope, in due time this leads to patronage for artisans rather than just a transactional approach.


We believe the authenticity of expression comes from the amalgamation of both design and craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. For us, good design is powerful and handcrafted products are an essential aspect of exploring our creative roots through life-changing and immersive experiences.

Our Partner Artisans

Our Team

Saumya Pankaj

Founder & Designer

Aman Sharma

Sr. Web Application Developer

Amita Marotkar

Performance Marketing

Pooja Ratnakar

Operations & Relationships

Rohan Sethi

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