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Zardozi Craft Tour

We were joined by an enthusiastic bunch of folks from various backgrounds as TICP team led them through the gullies of Old Delhi for a day filled with learning the basics of  Zardozi from Mehtab Ji, Shahi Biryani made by the generous family of Changezi…

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History of Patna Kalam

In the 18th century when India was ruled by the three major schools of art i.e; Mughal, Anglo-Indian and Pahari, a lesser known but world’s first independent school of painting, “Patna Kalam” wooed the connoisseurs with its minimal yet bold approach towards it subject and…

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Sikki Craft from Bihar

Driving through the unlevelled dusty route, our auto stopped at a point with no road to go ahead and coincidentally, THAT was the village we were looking for! Opening the tin doors of a house, we climbed up to the room upstairs and standing on…

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