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The India Craft Project co-creates experiences that bring craft enthusiasts and creative folks closer to the craft communities of India. Our vision is to build a community for thinkers and change-makers to explore artistic realms while focusing on rural tourism and responsible tourism to facilitate memorable experiences. Through our online and offline experiences, we leverage creativity, knowledge and skill to build strong partnerships for interactions between creative communities.

The ‘Sunehra Taar’ in an Adda

Sitting on his grand Durbar, having a puff out of his regal Hookah, there was an evident reason that Firoz Shah Tughlaq mentioned a word-of-oblivion ‘Zardozi’ in his autobiography, ‘Futuhat-i-Firozshahi’

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Ardhanarishwara: How Indian Art has Shaped its Legacy

Ardhanarishwara is one of the most significant symbols that has been signifying gender fluidity since times immemorial. The oldest images being a part of Kushana coins, dates back from 35-60 AD. Representing the union of duality, Ardhanarishwara or Ardhanareshwara depicts how masculine and feminine powers

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The Unbreakable Ties between Indian Crafts and Rakhi

Between childhood memories and grown-up dreams, you know that your siblings and partners-in-crime will always have your back! Raksha Bandhan is one such wonderful occasion that celebrates these beautiful bonds and cherishes them for a lifetime with the symbolic and auspicious thread of ‘Rakhi’. It

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How To Be A Better Ally, Not Just This Pride Month

As the month of June continues and we move closer to the end of the ‘Pride Month’ we must remind each other that celebrating gender and love with the LGBTQ community sure is a special month that recognises the impact and affirmations of the community

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