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T.I.C.P. Experiences

The India Craft Project co-creates experiences with the artisan communities across India. These experiences bring craft enthusiasts to craft clusters, offline and now virtually, across India. 

Why choose a TICP Experience? We leverage creativity, knowledge and skill to build strong partnerships and collaborations that deepen our impact in the community. We wish to bring out colours of our culture and design by facilitating collaborations and interactions between communities that wouldn’t meet otherwise. These experiences may serve as a vehicle for creation of new works, performances, exhibitions, workshops, case studies and other activities that explore the power of art. We are working towards increasing inter relatedness in the country and allow for capital to move freely across borders and travelers and allow everyone to experience a memorable trip.

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Jaipur Craft Tour

Jaipur, like many other places in India, is a collection of rare paintings, exquisite pieces of jewelry, chiseled brass-ware, pottery and natural stones, ivory goods, metal sculptures, crystal works and all this with the warmth of its people. Join us on a ‘Jaipur Experience’ as

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Zardozi Craft Tour

We were joined by an enthusiastic bunch of folks from various backgrounds as TICP team led them through the gullies of Old Delhi for a day filled with learning the basics of  Zardozi from Mehtab Ji, Shahi Biryani made by the generous family of Changezi

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Bikers Ride To A Leather Craft Community

We first thought of this idea back in 2018. The idea of bringing in an exchange of culture, communities and ideas. In any other scenario, these two groups are unlikely to meet. Located in Dausa; about 300 kms from Rohtak, lies a leather craft cluster

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Plan a T.I.C.P. Experience with us today. Write to us with your interests, curiosities and doubts and we will be happy to curate a memorable and hands-on experience for you, anywhere across India.