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The India Craft Project has specially curated our 2020 festive gift boxes as a tribute to the lesser heard Indian fable of Samudra Manthan.

Manmohan Soni Ji, is a renowned brass-work artisan from Madhya Pradesh who has gifted to the likes of Barack Obama and Narendra Modi. We have dexterously co-created the dhoop-dhani moulds bearing in mind the second avatar of Vishnu, the Kurma – the epitome of stability in the face of temporary setbacks and being in service for the greater good. The nakashi of the upper dome has been intricately carved in floral motifs. Crowning the upper shell is the Mayura, an auspicious element that is a harbinger of peace, patience, protection and prosperity.

The illustration that bedecks this curation is a salute to the traditional artisans who work arduously to create sheer beauty even in the hardest of metals. We hope that the gesture of lighting the aromatic dhoop ushers in calmness and cheer into every home.

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