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Holi is that time of the year when you celebrate the coming of spring and warmth back to your life. It’s that time of the year when we express love and affection with colors. It’s the celebration of devotion and love amongst the evil that burns.

Our made-on-order Holi gift box carries everything you need for a fun and loving holi. Traditionally, colors were made using flowers, herbs and spices blooming in the season. Other substances, if used, were usually plant based and natural. Playing with them meant that your skin would be nourished and your hair and clothes would be the only casualties!

Gulal/Color : The gulal in our box is handmade with natural fragrances by ex prisoners of India. Ingredients are : maize starch, flower petals and edible ingredients. The packaging is of recycled paper with water based inks and water soluble adhesives.

Stone carved Diffuser : To light up your spirits and spread some colour and positivity we bring to you this finely carved diffuser, latticed with soapstone by Yogesh Kumar ji. His skillful manipulation of chisel and hammer brings out the curvy linear patterns and designs on this diffuser is influenced by Taj Mahal and Mughal Art. The enclosed essential oil is a potent plant essence of sandalwood which when used could diffuse the oil through water and flame. Sandalwood essential oil has a powerful calming effect and has a soft, warm, woody, and balsamic fragrance.

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