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🌼• Holi का Parv •🌼

Here’s our take on this year’s Holi gift of value:
1. Tambat Thandai Shot Glasses (hammered and etched), 
2. Coasters – Intricate zardozi coasters with flowers on velvet
3. Herbal gulaal by SHG women of Chattisgarh 
4. Some healthy home made goodness in a thandai mix
5. Complimentary ‘Part’ playlist for the season, curated by The India Craft Project
6. All of this packaged in a handmade paper (reusable) gift box, with a hand drawn illustration, gold embossed.

Originally, the festival was an agricultural festival, celebrating the arrival of the beautiful 🌼 spring. Let these traditionally handcrafted gifts add colour to the ones you gift and its makers. Join us in being vocal for local!

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