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The India Craft Project consciously co-curates culturally immersive experiences with the artisan communities across India. Our core with the craft tours and our curated gift boxes are the artisans themselves. The reason we talk about the cultural story banks and immense skill in our craft communities in India, across platforms is because there is a need to rediscover the immersive value in the traditional knowledge systems of India.

The three dots represent the tribal tattoos adorned by tribal Indian Women that represent accentuating what’s already beautiful – that’s our very intention with The India Craft Project. A design quirk/fun fact in our logo is – if you rotate it 90 degrees it morphs into an artisan in his sacred workspace. The aim is not only to make a larger audience aware about a local craft product but to safeguard the entire process, the belief system, the indigenous knowledge system of community along with documenting and keeping alive the folk lore, the legends of their ancestors. We have adapted an integrated heritage management approach.


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