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Our Philosophy

Experiences People Currency

We believe in People Currency - our true north - to ensure that we remain accountable to our patrons and partners alike. This means that we recognise the interconnected stories, contributions and aspirations of our partner artisans' through our branding efforts and create connections between them and their patrons. Our partners are our co-collaborators in the process of co-creation of experiences.

Artisanal | Authentic

We believe that the art of creation is essential in modern times to remain rooted in our traditional knowledge systems. Our artisanal products are based on the quintessential 'karigari' but imbued with a medley of contemporary designs and experimental techniques.

Design | Dialogue

We believe authenticity of expression comes from the amalgamation of both design and craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. For us, good design is powerful and handcrafted products are an essential aspect for exploring our creative roots through life-changing and immersive experiences.

Indian | Viraasat

We co-create both products and experiences through our engagement in the craft realm. This ensures that we are able to offer our patrons both the opportunity to learn and get their hands dirty while at the same time, appreciating the years of dedicated effort invested by the artisans themselves.

We, hope, in due time this leads to a patronage for artisans versus a transactional “bargain hunting” approach that is current attitude surrounding our crafts. This has forced the artisans, until now, to churn low cost products versus investing their efforts in innovating and cross-pollinating techniques or experimenting with contemporary materials.

Our craft practices carry within them an amalgamation of cultural practices, values of sustainability and the creativity to innovate from what would be considered “waste products”. Losing these to modern manufacturing and production means loosing an important aspect of our heritage…one we can barely afford to do as a nation of billion strong people from diverse ethnicities and cultural practice.