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‘Naaz’ Grande Copper Goblets (Set of 2)

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These handcrafted and Hand-Hammered Grande copper goblets are designed exclusively by The India Craft Project and co-created with artisans of India at the grassroots! These not only add bling of glamour but also promotes the heritage of Indian artisans and its traditional crafts industry. At any celebration or occasion, these copper goblets will be the center of attraction! So, what are you waiting for! Go, get your ‘Naaz’ Grande copper goblets now, and add a tinge of elegance and artistry to every sipping session!

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While taking a sip of your favorite drink, the experience becomes even more rewarding when it is from the right goblet. Along with medicinal properties, copper as a metal is ‘wear & tear’ resistant thus making these glasses perfect for daily usage. The India Craft Project (TICP) works with artisans all over India to co-create products and stories that put our craft heritage at the center stage.

Here, we bring our ‘Naaz’ Grande Copper Goblets that will add an earthy and rustic vibe to your sipping sessions. The goblets are lined with tin by the process of ‘ kalai’ so you can pour any liquid/alcohol into them and rinse them with water after use. You can dip this in warm water or clean it using lemon or ‘Pitambari’ to clean the outer copper layer and maintain its golden aura. Handcrafted and hammered, this ‘Tambat’ piece is a contemporary touch to something very traditional. The sleek design adds a touch of modernism to the rusticity of the goblets as well.

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Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 22 × 8 cm


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