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‘Shambhavi’ Mata Ni Pachedi Painting on Cloth


The Painting is a folk art by Kiran Chitara, an artisan in Gujarat. Since these are all handmade, Kiran Chitara ji will take 15 days to make the paintings before they can be shipped to you. Certain imperfections might be visible but be assured that these only add to the handcrafted look of the Mata Ni Pachedi painting. It may slightly differ from the pictures seen on the digital screen. These can be washed easily in a machine but we would recommend you to dry-clean so they look just as beautiful every time and the natural colours don’t fade. You’d be carrying a piece of tradition proudly anywhere you go.

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This painting illustrates different avatars of the Mother Goddess. They are surrounded by characters from Hindu mythology, priests and devotees, flora and fauna. Mata Ni Pachedi is a sacred folk art practiced by the nomadic Vagharis community in Gujarat. The community traces their association with this art to three centuries ago. It is also known as the Kalamkari of Gujarat.

Mata Ni Pachedi translates to “behind the mother goddess”. These Pachedis are an expression of the divine energy of the mother goddess. When the people of the Vaghari community were barred from entering the temples, they made their own shrines with various depictions of the Mother Goddess on the cloth. The figure of the Mother Goddess in the centre part of the Pachedi is of the main characteristic features.  The figure is surrounded by mythological characters and elements, human figures, flora and fauna, etc. These motifs depict the various narratives of the Mother Goddess. Traditionally, red is of the main colours used in the paintings, it symbolizes the auspiciousness of any occasion, and the black colour wards off the evil spirits and increases the spiritual energy.

The goddess is believed to have a hundred forms and is accordingly depicted in each of these along with the associated symbolic details and attributes.

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